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Wahta Springs is located in Muskoka, Ontario, atop the Precambrian Shield. Dotted with lakes and rocky outcrops, protected and undisturbed miles of woodlands encircle our 55,000 square foot facility.

Award Winning Sodium Free
Natural Spring Water


We continue to protect our beautiful surroundings with our environmentally safe systems.

Today, Wahta, which means ‘sugar maple’ shares generations of history, heritage and knowledge in the environment around us.

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Celebrating 18 years in business! Our Mission is to produce the purest and highest quality spring water for our customers through excellence, teamwork, and attention to detail from the source to the finished product.

Our spring water source has achieved Gold and Silver at the Berkley International taste testing awards.

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For more information on Wahta Springs or to inquire about our private label spring water for your next event, contact us at info@wahtasprings.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-593-0127

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